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A story of exploration, discovery, and adventure. Ariana is young by her people’s standards, and she has set off alone to find the Tree of Life. What will she find in the strange lands and human cultures she has to cross?

Ariana has quickly found that this will not be a quick and simple quest. The roads are not always clear, or safe, or easy to follow. The humans can be lifesavers, or dangers. But she has found a new ally! Will Jayoda be a help, or a hindrance… and what has caused him to be so far from home?

About the Creator

Pink Pitcher

Pink Pitcher

Hello! My name is Pink Pitcher, the creator of Root and Branch. I’ve been making comics since a young age, but finally decided to commit to a published work. I do all the writing, concept work, pencils, inking, and coloring. Some lettering and technomagy done by Greg Harris.

In my other life I am a seamstress and fiber artist, holding a BA in “Women and Textiles in History”. I enjoy costuming, reenactment, and sitting around spinning like an old lady. I live in sunny Rosita, Colorado on 40 acres with cats, dogs, chickens, husbands, and other creatures.

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To contact me, please e-mail Denverhandmade@gmail.com