Cast, in order of appearance

Ariana Greenleaf

A young Greenwalker of the Clan of the Moons, who has left her home and her people on a quest to find the Great Tree, rumored to hold secrets that can save them from a mysterious malady. She is cheerful and adventurous, but also forgetful and easily distracted. Her skills are many, but most important to her, she endeavors to be kind and helpful to whomever she encounters!


Ariana’s trusty mount. Clever, fast, and highly food motivated. Also a good conversationalist. 


Capt. Douglas Adams

A Nobleman who’s ended up in charge of a lowly lumber camp. He takes the health of his men, and his honor very seriously. 


Elroy Jenkins

A guard at the lumber camp. Suspicious of their fae guest, but not for the reasons he should be!



Mary & John Borrowman

A couple of humble householders trying to make it on the dangerous frontier of the kingdom of Madea. 





A wise and traveled bard, with songs and tales of the Great Tree, but no roadmap to find it.




Alyshia & Caithford

Rangers for hire guarding an eclectic caravan crossing the kingdom. They invite Ariana to join the group hoping to make their jobs easier, or at least more interesting!



Jayoda Whiteclaw

From the People of the Sun, the only other elf who has braved the human lands. A skilled fighter and navigator, he finds himself duty-bound to assist Ariana on her quest. He makes himself helpful at times, and a pain at others, but why is he so far from home?


An innkeeper and wise woman seer, she throws the bones for Ariana, offering guidance for her path.



Heatha & Edwyn

Sisters who have snuck off from home, looking for a more interesting life than being married off to a farmer’s son. They entice the elves to join another caravan, safety is in numbers!




A jovial wagon master leading a group of travelers across dangerous lands. With fine hired guards and experience on the road, he promises the Elves an easy passage to Portsmouth and the wild lands beyond.



Lady Goodshire

The Baroness is cunning in both the ways of intrigue, and the newly developing arts of alchemy. What is her noble purpose?



Verba, Witch of the Woods

A cunning woman with cunning ways to journey, eager to lead Ariana into the spirit world.




Hilda of Warwick

A fiery spinster with a cozy, welcoming house, a large stick for shaking at ne’er-do-wells, and a good temper when she’s drinking.



Viktor the Priest

A learned yet clueless old man, dedicated to serving his parish whenever he’s not fiddling with his inventions.



Lord Maisey

An ignoble Lord overreaching his territory and extorting taxes from the peasants. Sometimes forcefully.




Meriat of the Athildin Order

A cheerful young nun, skilled in calligraphy, and well versed in the Abby’s library. Very satisfied to dedicate herself to a life surrounded only by women.