And we are right back in the… uh… ‘action’.

Some notes on the website – yes, it looks like shit. A theme update broke all the pretty stuff, I’m working on it! However, I’ve fixed a few things (with the help of Jayel Draco from Oneshi Press!)
– Clicking on the Root & Branch image up top will take you to the current page now!
– Chapters have been fixed to improve your browsing experience!
– The legendary ‘Thank You’ page with a list of Kickstarter backers should be visable now! (Hopefully, maybe, sometimes…)

A note on the chapter break – Ya’ll know what transpired, but if you want more there is a sketched out smutty scene up on Patreon that fills in the hole. (I said what I said!)

Thanks for sticking with me as I got the book ready for print, it is now in the hands of the Gods (or the press operators, as the case may be.)

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