Oof, 10 points for the maneuver, but she’s gonna lose some for not sticking the landing…

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C/O Imagine Dragons
Demons haunt these stories. Sometimes they’re mental, and sometimes they’re very, very real. Whether running from the oppressive existence of before, or trying to get to the bottom of a deadly plot, these stories have their work cut out for them.
XII: Rogues and Remnants

XII: Rogues and Remnants – It’s magical girls living under a heavily restrictive society, on the run as domestic terrorists.


Tamuran – The tale of a kingdom in the jaws of an ancient grudge. When a forest elf tries to warn the capital of a terrible curse engulfing the wilds, he finds himself out of his depth and caught up in plots beyond his ken. But he and a motley assortment of vagabonds, shapeshifters, and monsters may become a doomed kingdom’s last hope.

ALSO – Tamuran is running a kickstarter! If you love Root & Branch you will love this fantastic fantasy!